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I am feeding PawTree out of Dallas. This food needs to be in your possession prior to scheduling pickup.

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About Vicky’s Toy Puppies

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I have learned to enjoy and target the shed-free tiny dogs. Our way of living is moving toward smaller space, apartments, condos, and smaller dogs can travel with ease, in our mobile society. I have raised hunting dogs for my Father when I was a child and young adult. I have CavaPoos, Poodles, and MaltiPoos make the combinations of of these breeds. (CavaPoos MaltiPoos, ) These crosses are very successful as pets, and companions.


My puppies are raised in rubber coated stacking cages designed for their comfort, ease of cleaning, and safety. Puppies are provided heat, and cooling, as it is needed. I have raised most of my adults, and find they are better parents for me, and raise calmer, happier babies. Everyone is looking for my arrival, whether it is for an outing, exercise, food and water, or daily cleaning. My voice is known by all, and this is a positive note, because I know they will bond, adjust, and develop into a “people dog.” My babies are played with by my Grandchildren, and myself. As they age, I touch, handle, kiss, and play with each litter of babies. Changing their bedding is an opportunity to do the same. Photo taking, baths, basic health supervision is educational times, as well. I view everything I do for the puppies as necessary for their well rounded development. I want my babies excited, and ready for daily routine change. As they develop and mature I take them for auto rides across town and arrange for contact with other people.

Special Puppies

Some of my Yorkies have become seizure dogs, alerting to seizures, and blood sugar problems. One Chihuahua was raised successfully as a detector of cancer. One Miniature Pincher worked as a service dog, in a counseling setting. Numerous dogs have functioned as hearing aids, alerting to arriving visitors. Countless Chihuahuas have been Asthma Dogs, which means they helped people who had Asthma. I truly enjoy knowing my puppies make a positive difference in human lives. “I strive to raise Special Puppies for Special People.”
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